Getting Started

So how do you start the first post on a blog that you've been putting off for years? For me it's resisting the urge to read all the first posts on the various tech blogs I follow to identify common themes and patterns.

But that would be lame. Urge resisted.

So a bit of background instead. I started programing in the late 90's building desktop applications in VB6 in the financial sector but transitioned to the Web in 2006. These days my focus is in C# & JavaScript though I may dabble in Ruby from time to time.

.Net can take a bit of a bashing now and again and while it might not have a thriving OSS community to rival JavaScript/Ruby/Python/etc we do have some fantastic libraries/frameworks and things are slowly getting better. C# is a beautiful language and it's a joy to develop using the likes ServiceStack, RavenDb & SignalR on a daily basis. Thanks to Xamarin C# has never had greater reach; the world has gone mobile and C# is uniquely positioned to provide native UI & performance across iOS, Android & Windows. I'm a big supporter of the Open Web but this an area I'm going to dive into in the coming year.


Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

Software is eating the world and a huge amount of that software is being written in JavaScript. When I started Web development in 2006 IE6 had something like 90% market share and most people considered JavaScript a horribly broken joke of language. When you look how far we've come since 2008 it's amazing - Web GL, Sockets, Local Storage, Video, Audio, Transitions, Animations, Geo Location and on and on. It's kind of mind blowing what can be done in JavaScript these days, recently the Unreal engine was ported to ASM in 4 days!

Microsoft have also started to take their browser seriously again committing to shortened release schedule and automatic updates. With XP finally coming to end of life we are getting close to the nirvana where the majority of people will eventually be using evergreen browsers. The pace of development for web standards has been great for the last 5 years but I think we are poised for an explosion of features over the next 5.

It's just an incredibly exciting time to be Web developer!

So that's it, first post complete and hopefully lots more to come...

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